The characteristic for Worlds-Best Gummivarefabrik A/S is a well established basis of trustworthy and competently employees, who makes it a point of honour to produce the best possible and most safe condoms. For more than the 60 years the company has existed, we have built up an effective organisation, which to day is so flexible that we can produce and carry out all kind of customer services relating to condoms.


The company has many contacts all over the world, which have given a lot of special knowledge and experience about condoms through all those years, which make it possible for us to create the unique Worlds-Best condoms in diversified variants to satisfy all users.


Worlds-Best is some of a pioneer with condoms, size 1956 we have produced condoms of a very high quality. Try a Worlds-Best condom and feel the different. Worlds-Best condoms are not only condoms they are for your, who is seeking optimal secure and pleasure.


With a Worlds-Best condom you will get a condom, which is very smooth, supple, and easy to put on, a condom which discreet meets what it must, without you nearly feel it.


Worlds-Best Gummivarefabrik A/S understands that its social, environmental and ethical conduct has an impact on our reputation as a serious Danish company producing condoms. These include good ethical behaviour, concern for employee health and safety, care for the environment and community involvement.


Our principles and objects have and will always be, to create the worlds best condom brand, why we do not use products or additives in our condoms, which cannot make the condoms more safe, therefore we never have had coloured condoms or condoms with flavour in our programme.


Equally we know that our customers, suppliers, and other partners appreciated our honesty and effective communication, and they know when they have an agreement with us, it will be respected.


When you have informed yourselves on our web pages, we are convinced that many questions have been answered. If something is still missing, you are more than welcome to contact us.



Thank you and best regards


Worlds-Best Gummivarefabrik A/S

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