It’s not everybody, who is straight honest...

That's we also have a solution to.  


In plenty of shops and supermarkets the condoms are placed close to the check-out desk, and one of the reason why, is only to reduce the waste. 


For many customers and shops it would be much better, if the condoms were placed naturally together by the rest of the assortment of personally care, which can be done without waste, if the shop have been implemented with a Sensormatic alarm system, and the merchandise which have a certain value, or is often stolen, have been marked with a hidden Sensormatic sensor. 


All Worlds-Best condoms can against a diminutive price be supplied with a hidden Sensormatic sensor before delivery, the customers do not notice the sensor, but it will surely put up the alarm system, if a customer attempt to remove the condoms, without getting it register at the check-out desk. 


Already in 1999 Worlds-Best A/S acquired certificate to supply all packet of condoms with a hidden Sensormatic sensor, and we are now delivering to several shops, which have had the Sensormatic alarm system implemented. 

2 packets of Kontakt Cream-Special


The one with a hidden Sensormatic sensor

 - the other without..


- nobody can se the different….