Information of the new packet design


October 2014


After a significant change of our packets design in the beginning of the nineteenís, on behalf of an analysis done by the High School of Business, only small changes has been done, as we want to keep the high grade of conspicuous, after which this design was created.


On behalf of this we have through 2014 worked together with a design company to recreate the design, with the demands that the new design should have aspects from the design to day, and† the conspicuous of the design should not only be kept, but it should also be increased.


To keep the continuity in the recognition the changing will be done in two steps, where the first step will be, that the red hang-sell card will be changed to a black one.

A black hang-Sell card also gives a real strong and good highlighting to the present design, and gives a fine gradual transition to the new, which will arrive in the beginning of 2015.


The new design has got following motivated changes:

The well known Worlds-Best logo (the globe with the ribbon) has been made bigger, like the company name Worlds-Best has been highlighted, by having white letters on a black background.

The different brands colour code and the brand names has been kept, as shown on the figured Kontakt Cream-Special, which still is marked with to two blue colours.


General user information has been moved to the white part, where you also will find the Danish CE certification mark, and the figure of the condom inside the pouch.


Here is shown an example of the steps in the changing of the design:


The present design with the red hang-sell card, the one in between, and the new one.




As a start, but also as a test, only the following brands will get the new design:


Kontakt Cream-Special

Kontakt Cream-Form